About Us
We are based in Hull in Yorkshire England , Eastwood Fire Protection Ltd offers complete fire safety solutions from extinguishers and alrarms to contract maintenance, assessments and fire safety training yearly and 6 monthly certification of fire alarms and fire extinguishers.

Regular inspection , testing and maintenance of Emergency Lighting Systems , 6 monthly to yearly certification of your emergency lighting system.
Installation of signage we offer a number of specialist sign services for all health and safety signage.

Basic fire training in the use of extinguishers , escape route , fire alarm training , we also work in partnership with Health and Safety Training Services Ltd (HSTS) they are a friendly , flexible training organisation also based in Hull providing excellent training for over 23 years to the Yorkshire area.

P.A.T Testing or portable appliance testing is recommended by the government P.A.T testing is  part of the service we offer for fire protection. Any electrical appliance that is fitted with a 3 pin domestic plug is required also all site equipment , 110v plugs needs P.A.T testing.

We also have a design and installation service for fire alarm sytems and assesment of fire fighting equipment on site new and old building in Hull Yorkshire.
Property Maintenance Division
At Eastwood Fire Protection & building maintenance divison , we’re proud of our in-house team of maintenance professionals who are always ready to assist you! We only employ knowledgeable and qualified individuals, who will greet you with a smile and will charge you a fair price.
Our services are available to all of our customers whether you are a landlord or a tenant we are always happy to help.
As a landlord, there are many checks that it is your responsibility to have carried out on your property.  If the property has gas, it is highly important that you get your boiler tested on an annual basis.

We are able to take care of everything for you, from gas safety checks, to repairs and installation. If these checks are not carried out, then the worst case scenario is that you could receive a custodial sentence which could easily be prevented through a simple call to our maintenance team. There should be certificates which are provided to prove that these tests have been carried out and the tenant must, by law, be in possession of the last two years’ worth of certificates.

Another key area that we are able to help with is electrical safety checks, repairs and installation. We would highly recommend that all Landlords have an electrical check carried out. As-well as this, we can check your fixed installations for you such as fuse boxes and fixed wiring.
The Housing, Health and Safety Rating System (HSSRS) which came into place as a result of changes in the Housing Act, means that Landlords are now fully responsible for ensuring that there are no hazards within the property. There should be nothing which could put a tenant at risk of falling, slipping, tripping or any fire hazards.

We pride our selfs on complete reliability to our customers and to be there through all their safety requirments giving full support and free advice our customers come first.